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Grilled Mango Habanero Fruit Kebabs

3 kiwis
3 plums
1 lb. strawberries
1 lb. watermelon
1 lb. fresh pineapple spears
2 starfruits
The Spice Hunter Mango Habanero Global Fusion Rub
Wooden skewers

Dipping Sauce:
1 cup plain Greek yogurt
2 Tbsp. honey
1. Cut fruit as follows or as desired. Halve and slice kiwis and plums; cut watermelon into small wedges; cut pineapple spears into pieces; slice starfruits.

2. Push fruit onto skewers, alternating through the various fruits; place skewers on a foil lined baking sheet.

3. Sprinkle fruit with The Spice Hunter Mango Habanero Global Fusion Rub.

4. For dipping sauce: combine yogurt and honey. Chill until ready to serve skewers.

5. Grill skewers over medium heat just until lightly grilled, turning once; watch closely to prevent burning.

6. Remove skewers from grill and return to the baking sheet.

7. Serve with dipping sauce. Makes about 20 skewers.

If any of these fruits are not available, try substituting with another favorite like peaches, nectarines, mangoes or papayas.